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About 14ercards

14ercards founder, Matt Tracz, on the summit of La Plata Peak.
In early 2010, Matt Tracz, an avid hiker from Fort Collins, CO, thought of an idea for a project that combined his love of Colorado's majestic peaks, outdoor photography, adventure, and yes, card playing.
Passionately inspired by the project, Matt scoured maps and trip reports, formulating an itinerary to capture dramatic photos of the 30+ peaks missing from his collection. By the end of 2010, his 14er summits count increased to 48 - along with his arsenal of dramatic photos.

To pass the time on long car rides, conversation and thoughts often revolved around: What peaks get to be aces? Kings? Jacks? Dueces? There were several ideas for assigning card values to the peaks. In the end, Matt choose to make the popular, well-visited 14ers aces. Then king down to duece were assigned based on a mix of challenge-to-climb, dramatic looks, and elevation.
He plans to continue designing more 14er themed photo products for the site. Suggestions and ideas are always welcomed.
14ercards LLC is based in Fort Collins, CO.

All photos and card designs are copyrighted by Matt Tracz for the sole use of 14ercards LLC. They may not be used in any fashion without written permission.
For feedback and wholesale info, contact 14ercards@gmail.com